Utah law and “missing cases”

We received an email reply from our NamUs contact on January 14, 2020 regarding the names listed below.  Unfortunately, they confirmed, none of these names are listed in their database.  This is because Utah has no law requiring NamUs entries whatsoever.  

Utah does have some legislation when it comes to cold cases, however – the July 1, 2018 SB 160 states that every law enforcement agency must enter cases of missing persons and unsolved homicides over 3 years old into a state-managed database (BCI).

Out of the 27 cases below that are missing from NamUs, only 10 of those are listed on the publicly-available Utah BCI databases.  According to the SB 160, 11 of these cases should be listed (marked with **) but only 8 of them are.  They also included 2 cases on their databases that aren’t required by law – Dustin Bird and Emilie Rains.  The 3 missing cases are Lucero Jimenez, Johnnie Mae Miles, and Everett Ruess.  

We will be following up with BCI to confirm this information and request that the 3 missing cases be added.

Utah Missing Persons not in NamUs:

Dustin Lynn Bird missing since 02/17/17
Utah BCI Missing Persons
Charley Project

Isaac Brereton missing since 11/16/19
NCMEC #1378144

Deborah Lee Carver missing since 4/28/15**
Utah BCI Cold Cases
Utah BCI Missing Persons
Charley Project

Erlin Contreras missing since 2/21/10**
Utah BCI Cold Cases

Anysha Darden missing since 5/28/19
NCMEC #1359945

Christopher Dreeszen missing since 8/21/19
NCMEC #1366844

Daisy Durborow missing since 11/24/14**
Utah BCI Missing Persons

Zoey Flinn missing since 12/4/19
NCMEC #1376199

Juan Fowles missing since 10/25/17
NCMEC #1311475

Jaelyn Gruenebaum missing since 8/28/19
NCMEC #1367890

Lucero Jimenez missing since 4/7/09**
Charley Project
NCMEC #1165007

Alejandro Lopez missing since 11/19/19
NCMEC #1374926

Angel Lopez missing since 5/24/19 (missing with brother Jesus)
NCMEC #1297873

Chloe Lopez missing since 06/10/18
NCMEC #1337146

Jesus Lopez missing since 5/24/19 (missing with brother Angel)
NCMEC #1297873

Mckenzey Madill missing since 7/30/19
NCMEC #1364903

Dorthy Manka missing since 1/4/98**
Utah BCI Missing Persons

Kaylana Mcatee missing since 12/2/19
NCMEC #1375971

Phillip Medina missing since 5/14/19
NCMEC #1358516

Johnnie Mae Miles missing since 06/06/01**
Charley Project

Haruchika Miyagi missing since 12/5/15**
Utah BCI Cold Cases

Emilie Rains missing since 12/23/17
Utah BCI Missing Persons
Possible NamUs #MP41958 – doesn’t return

Caster Rodriguez missing since 8/13/19
NCMEC #1367342

Fernando Casco Rodriguez missing since 5/25/13**
Utah BCI Cold Cases

Everett Ruess missing since 11/1/34**
Doe Network #4435DMUT

Brian Solis missing since 1/5/14**
Utah BCI Missing Persons

Jose De Jesus Ruiz Vazquez missing since 12/22/12**
Utah BCI Missing Persons
Charley Project

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