Utah’s Missing Person Statistics: January 2020

As of the writing of this blog post, we have 137 individuals in our Missing in Utah database. Here are the statistics:

Out of 137 missing persons, 88 of them are listed as Male and 49 of them are listed as Female.  One of the listed “Male” persons may possibly identify as a Transgender Woman, but is currently counted as “Male”.

Out of 137 missing persons, 82 are listed as Caucasian, 32 are listed as Hispanic, 5 are listed as Native American, 7 are listed as African American, 4 are listed as Asian, 1 is listed as Middle Eastern, and 4 are listed as Unknown. We also have 2 individuals listed as “Multiple” – 1 listed as Hispanic/Native American and 1 listed as African American/Native American.

The youngest missing person is 1 year old and the oldest is 74.  The teenage years 14-17 has the highest number of our missing Utahns, with 35 out of 137 (26%) total missing. The largest gap between years is zero missing persons aged 64-67, zero ages 43-44, and zero ages 70-71.

Out of the 29 counties in Utah, there are 18 counties (62%) that list at least 1 still-missing person. Salt Lake County has by far the most with 69 persons (50%) out of the state total of 137. The next largest numbers are 12 in Utah County, 10 in Washington County, and 9 in Weber County.

There are 2 missing persons who were last seen outside of Utah but have very close connections and are likely to have gone missing within our state or on our border.

The earliest still-missing person listed in Utah went missing in 1934. In the 87 years from 1934-2020, there are 44 years with at least one person listed as missing during that year. The years with the highest number of still-missing persons are 2019 with 13 people, 2017 with 9 people, 2015 with 7 people, and 1985 and 2018 tied with 6 people.

We look forward to sharing our missing persons database with you in the next month and are currently focusing on gathering hard-to-find data including the sexual orientation and gender identity of the missing.

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