Missing: Robby Lynn Peay

Today is Robby’s 55th birthday.

Robby Lynn Peay disappeared from a juvenile detention center on October 7, 1982, with another minor and was never seen again. He was 17 at the time. Although he did have a history of elopement, this time was especially strange because on his 18th birthday that next year, Robby became entitled to a substantial inheritance that he never came back to claim.

In September of 1982, only a month before his disappearance, he was arrested for a tobacco violation and a pickup order by the Youth Diagnostic Center in Salt Lake City. It was under their custody that he escaped. His mother believes that he escaped because of the Boy’s Ranch program he would possibly end up at – he was adamant about not wanting to go there.

In past elopements, Robby has used the alias Bobbert Casper and traveled as far as Colorado to work as a roofer. There have been few and far-between leads that haven’t panned out. Unfortunately, Robby’s fingerprints are not on file with the state because the law used to not require prints on juvenile cases. This makes it much more difficult to compare his case with unidentified bodies.

The other minor escapee was questioned by police according to Provo Police Captain Mike Mock and said that the two of them split up as soon as they left the youth facility. Robby’s mother, LaVerne Hancock, had him declared dead as of January 1991. Captain Mock was quoted at the time as saying “My feeling all along is that he’s dead”, and that was the general opinion of the police in this case.

Robby was 5′ 9-10″ and 150 lbs when he went missing. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He has faint scarring on his back caused by crawling through a broken window when he was 15.

If you have any information on Robby’s case, please contact us at admin@thenamesthatmatter.org or the Provo Police Department at (801) 852-6210.


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